Roofs Require Routine Maintenance

​ We Repair over 500 roofs every year and the majority of the Leaks are caused by Lack of Maintenance and could have been prevented. Most Roof Leaks are caused by debris build up in the valley and roof to wall flashings that impead the water flow, sending it under the tiles and damaging the water barrier.

​ Once the water barrier is damaged it must be replaced before the next rain but many Homeowners do not get much of a warning until the water starts coming thru the ceiling! If you catch it quick enough the damages could be very minimal, Just a small roof repair and some new paint on drywall, but if you wait or do not see water stains right away you could have Major Issues including Rotten sheeting, Damaged Insulation, and water damaged drywall beyond a minor repair!

​ All of this can be avoided with routine Maintenance and annual inspections.

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 When it comes to a leaky Roof, Hire an  Expert!

Very few ROOFERS are experienced with Roof Repairs! When it comes to removing and repairing roofs it can be very tricky work, especially the Valleys.

 Valley tiles are all cut at specific angles and sizes and must be removed in exact order and reinstalled in that same order. Whenever a roof leaks the water barrier must be replaced and overlapped properly to keep water from coming back thru. We have seen hundreds of repairs done by other companies that FAIL because they are NOT Experts when it comes to Roof Repair!